Root Thin Crash 16 po

16" Root Thin Crash

Raw finish, dark and earthy sound with a low pitch, a short sustain and very quick response for fast but gentle accents


Production: 100% Handcrafted
Finish: Raw
Material: B20
Tone: Dark
Volume: Low to Medium
Sustain: Short
Response: Fast


Price: 145,00 EUR








Single Cymbal




Cymbals On Drum Set








Cymbal Sets


Root Main Set


Root Cymbal Set 1

(14" Medium Hihat + 16" Medium Thin Crash + 20" Medium Ride)

569,00 EUR



Root Crash Set


Root Cymbal Set 2

(16" Thin Crash + 18" Thin Crash)

299,00 EUR



Root Embellish Set


Root Cymbal Set 3

(10" Splash + 14" Stacker + 16" China)

279,00 EUR





Zertifikat web


Every Root Regular Cymbal comes with a signed certificate which contains the exact weight of the cymbal.




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